way of choosing antivirus which is good

Said computer virus of course have been very sticks in each computer consumer. And avoid computer virus, of course an antivirus required for menangkal computer virus comes into computer. There is so much software anti virus, but because so much, possibly have ever been passed by quickly in you marrow, antivirus what general for menangkal virus. For the this, there is many the answers. Many party(sides that is often does reviews about antivirus software excitement, and may simply the answer is having immeasurable.

If you are be including man is confusing in choosing antivirus, it is better you knows things any kind of taken as directive in choosing antivirus.

1. Real Time Protector
This fitur absolute there must be in antivirus. Because this fitur is backbone for you computer security. real time protector is a small program ( from antivirus) which bersemayan in memory and every certain time will amend / scan contents of your computer - either memories and or hardisk – from virus. With Real Time Protector, hence your computer security can be guaranteed. Name of differ from this fitur is Resident Shield, Live Shield, etc.

2. Update Service
Which is not less important be be available the update service. Update service most importantly is virus database update. This thing is because of viral database applied by antivirus to identify a virus. Antivirus which is good is antivirus having auto fitur updated and its(the database is always updated by the side of maker antivirus. Besides, select;chooses antivirus providing manual update service – by the way of mengunduh database virussehingga facilitates you which is not always is terkoneksi to internet.

3. Has Kicker
Kicker under this can in the form of firewall, anti spyware, link scanner, scanner enamel, and anti rootkit. Fitur-fitur can be spelled out members mandatory requirement ( otherwise can be may spelled out members must) to make you computer is more safe. There are some antivirus providing the service with komplit, there is also only some only. Select;chooses according to requirement of you. ( fitur you also able to get by using separate program, but more practically if fitur there is in an antivirus)

4. Originalitas Antivirus
This thing is possible more acurately if it is imposed to us. If enabling - actually must– if you chooses applies antivirus payee ( like norton, kaspersky) applies Antivirus which original. Why using antivirus original? Because by using antivirus original hence we can feel is balmy in having computer cheerful. Some vendor antivirus has technology which where can detect does antivirus which we apply original or no. Usually this thing relates to update facility. If our antivirus original, we are given permission to update, but otherwise, hence update is refused. Besides can be be possible to get antivirus directly from vendor, can order through?via cadmium or unduh direct. This thing is important to take care of authenticity of antivirus you ( its(the intention by getting direct antivirus from vendor, hence authenticity of antivirus well guaranted 100% from possibility that infiltration of bad codes). If you didn't enable applies antivirus original payee, tries applies free antivirus.

5. Post Service Sells
Select / chooses antivirus which where its(the vendor having post service to sell good ( 1×24jamx7hari). Thereby if simply your antivirus failed detects virus, hence you can apply fitur ( service) this to save you computer. antivirus payee usually has post service facility to sell better than free antivirus.

So, that is some points which you able to apply in choosing antivirus. Safe chooses antivirus best for you.