maintained personal computer

Tries paying attention to contents of PC you, its(the casing cover?conclusion open. Does still seen cleanness? Or have been many patching dirts? Especially dirt in part of main board ( its(the motherboard). If(when dirt has seen thick to close over motherboard PC you, soon conducts action preventif. This situation doesn't be let. Because often happened component in it scorch / combustible because the dirt factor. Why this can happened?

Patching dirt simply contains particle elektrik/listrik, where the particle can cause the happening of short circuit between components ( korslet). Short circuit sepersekian just second can cause the component in of combustible direct. So takes a care if(when in sight dirt of thick, especially in part which nearby processor.

Precaution to, cleans its(the motherboard with paintbrush, or if (there are) any vacuum cleaner, applies vacuum cleaner. After seen cleanness, neatens also its(the cable. Cable which semrawut causes draught in casing is not fluent. Because sirlkulation is not fluent, component in it would temperature easy to. Worryed of by abundant temperature, component would quickly aus/rusak.

Therefore, often pays attention to component PC you, 2 or 3 month of once, that PC you remain to durabel. durabel PC, money also can be economized.
disable autorun
Sometimes when we enter Flasdisk or CD, directly emerges autorun, problem might not if that is its(the Flasdisk/CD ga da virus, but if simply there are virus, later computer we are infected its(the virusn. better non activating just of system autorun in our computer !!

by the way of kills permanently passed regedit :
1. Click Start-Run and types regedit.
2. Browse to address registry following
3. Then right click at string NoDriveTypeAutoRun.
4. Contents Of Value data with ff is meaning function of Autorun will be killed.
5. Click OK.
6. Exit and restarts you computer.
Or by the way of compress SHIFT 60 seconds when input Flasdisk/CD.
overcomes problem at data in your harddisk ( Windows File/Data Recovery)
You are possible have ever experienced the thing under this :

* delete important file not intentionally.

* you has many name of letter drive and not intentionally eliminates data by doing format at a drive letter even vanishs partition harddisk and your data loses

* Or you prefer to install all new harddisk and which have been obsolete in a computer. Lets looked to be has sophisticated computer with many harddisk.

* Virus does disposal of data is including important data.

* your Harddisk experiences mulfunction, this thing can happened if(when storage in media has too full and harddisk experiences crash.

We are case case debate very konyol is done [by] consumer computer

delete file is not intentionally: There is clever sepandai aphorism word of squirrel jumps, at one time will surely fall. They ordinary of so-so mengunakan computer, very rare does this mistake. Because more opting of liver liver places file at harddisk and keeps away knob Delete. But this case instead happened when a real skilled someone of mengunakan computer. Sometimes instead kills commemoration at system Windows because assumed [by] menganggu. Its(the comment, why having to be given warning if we like to mendelete file or directory, inikan a routine work. Usually consumer computer which expert has does setup Windows with kills the thing assumed not necessarily. At one time, simply important file in a directory is vanished not intentionally without initial memorial

Format harddisk is not intentionally : This case actually seldom happened for they compiling important data at a harddisk. They experienced have been will place a data at a harddisk with drive certain letter. For example placing important data at first harddisk or second. When doing format, hence at heart have been planted of habit to reexamine and ascertains drive letter which will be format is not drive letter or harddisk is comprising important data. This mistake often happened because lowering of concentration of someone when seeing name of drive letter and partition at a computer which will be vanished or changed . Or most commonly and konyol is cursor mouse is shifted to partition that is is not wish to format. Unconvinced, its(the reality is rain or shine like this happened with format drive letter which wrong. Enunciated system like Windows XP hardly facilitates does format harddisk

Eliminates partition is not intentionally : At system Windows XP hardly facilitates someone to do format or makes partition. While for system Windows 98, partition must be made with system DOS. Unhappily, basic thing to make partition at system Windows XP sometimes unable to be comprehended. And not intentionally you does disposal at partition harddisk is comprising important data. While system Windows 98, case of partition loses because consumer computer to forget removes option choice harddisk. Particularly if mengunakan 2 harddisk with the same capacities and division very often happened.

Places data at harddisk obsolescence : Has 3-4 harddisk in a possible computer looked to be keren. There is ugly habit for consumer computer to exploit harddisk obsolescence. But we must know that harddisk has expecting usage. Places important data at harddisk obsolescence is not wise thing. Better does backing up or at least places data at 2 harddisk differs in do duplicate. Its(the reality a lot is heedless age from usage harddisk. When old harddisk started behaves as happened kerusakana physical of like bad sector or sudden harddisk haves no in access then is realized there are still lag important data in.

For beginner better recognize meaning of Fisik Drive, Partition and Drive/Logical drive letter :

Under this simple base to recognize a drive storage
Physical of drive: Interpreted is form of storage. Its form public is harddisk, other form cans be in the form of Flash drive, CD/DVD-ROM with media CD/DVD or floppy drive and other. Physical of drive is form of physical of a drive depositor media. In drive later is divided to become some partitions to form name of drive or known as drive letter
Partition or Partition : Interpreted division of a storage to divide or cuts capacities a depositor media or storage becomes suitable smaller part of requirement. Division of storage or space or contents of capacities harddisk can be interpreted as partition. For example harddisk 100 GB can be broken to become 2 with division of 50GB and 50GB. But there are rule at formation of partition especially harddisk. Division is determined with Primary and Extended partition.

First harddisk at computer or harddisk is comprising booting system will be given name of Primary Partition or main partition. In Primary partition only had 1 drive letter, that is drive C.

divisible first Harddisk and given name of Extended Partition. For example you has harddisk 250GB and divides 2 partition 20GB Primary and 230GB Secondary. Hence first 20GB will become drive C. While divisible 230GB again with a few name of drive letter which you requires is including capacities from masing masing drive letter. Process division of Extended Partition is final with giving of Logical drive. For example you divides partition Extended to become 5 drive letter ( D-E-F-G-H) again with masing masing capacities 50GB, drive letter firstly has letter D and second becomes drive E and so.

If(when you has 2 harddisk, harddisk firstly must have rule of like upper and minimized has primary partition. While Extended Partition only be required if(when you need to divide first harddisk, second and so on makes some drive other letter. If(when no, hence first harddisk would remain to comprises Primary Partition with 1 drive just letter that is C. Drive C with Primary Partition will comprise boot system at an operating system.

For divisible second harddisk without Primary Partition and earns for direct with Extented Partition. Way of division of same as dividing capacities from way of first harddisk but to form Extended Partition must have first harddisk with contents of Primary Partition. second Harddisk and so on doesn't require Primary Partition if(when you doesn't require second harddisk and so on also can do boot at a computer.

under this is picture from structure division of a storage with form of media harddisk. For example physical of harddisk applied is having capacities 250GB :

Primary Partition, Drive C, comprises 20GB ( 1953GB)
Extended Partition, Drive D - E - F and so on is divided based on requirement.

Does recover data in harddisk ( storage)

Before only company software makes software recovery harddisk. Losing of data from a harddisk is a nightmare

But present is some software capable to do return of data at a harddisk. If(when you are not intentionally eliminates you data, its(the example partition at harddisk, logical drive vanished or harddisk is not intentionally is vanished. Draws up step of step of like under this

* Best way is applying for 2 harddisk. Harddisk experiencing damage, or loses data applied as second harddisk. While harddisk firstly applied as system recovery and does backing up losing data.

* If(when you has 1 fruit of harddisk to comprise system boot with 1 partition with Primary Partition. Best step mengunakan the harddisk not to do recover. Applies other harddisk to do recover with installing software recovery data. This effort to prevent you data are vanished in permanent.

* If(when you has some drive letter for example C,D,E. You mengunakan harddisk can to do recovery data. With a note menginstall writing activity doesn't at drive letter is containing important data and has been vanished not intentionally. For example, Your data stays in drive letter E. Hence you mengunakan Drive letter E may not menginstall any program to. Program recovery data can be placed at drive other letter for example in D and C.

* If(when not intentionally you vanishs partition harddisk you. You mengunakan the harddisk may not to do install any software. Applies other harddisk to look for you data in harddisk vanished.

* Even if your harddisk loss of informations has or harddisk you starts experiences trouble like bad sector. System recovery data can do return of you data. So long as harddisk admits of recognized by harddisk assistant to do recovery

* Software recovery data only did return of you data vanished not intentionally. But doesn't return form of partition of you like initialy.

Undelete file / returns file is vanished [by]

Undelete file or returns file vanished not too difficult. Many software utiliti by adding fitur undelete file.

For Example Tune-Up figures in fitur to look for file or directory vanished at a drive letter. Or and Recover4All ably special to do seeking of file which del. Software utility can look for file name which has been vanished, and chooses is condition of file vanished that there are still either or intact. Software undelete file requires input from consumer to return its(the original file name. Because at system WIndows, file vanished will be vanished most character front. For example file anggaranxls admits of found by the name ? nggaranxls. And initial character must be input in manual.

Returns data at Partisi or drive letter vanished

We try 2 fruit of reliable software to do recovery data. Both software under this can take data from a storage which has losed until level of logical drive or drive letter and also information at partition. Mean, a harddisk which have been assumed not to have partition ( blank) again simply admited of searched rest of data from the file in harddisk.

Second ability of program under this is :
* Pickaback FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS
* Recover file vanished is including folder
* Mengembalian file losing from delete of partition even format with system quickly / QUICK.
* Returns data from storage which haves no in access again or the happening of corruption file with seeking sector
* Pickaback multi format disk like IDE until SCSI
* Works For System Windows 95 - XP and 2003 for Stellar

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Software
Getdataback for NTFS or FAT

Both software can take good data of partition and drive letter which you has vanished. Even software recovery data will try looks for you data although harddisk or storage media experiences handicap physical of for example bad sector.

Losing of good data is vanished not intentionally at drive letter, directory and partition storage was not a nightmare again. With software Recovery Data, hence your data admits of returned although there is risk is not entirely can protected. If(when you experiences this case, as soon as possible you kills computer and discharges harddisk you to do recovery. And inadvisable does recovery data at the same harddisk except you recognizes is correct does you do. Recognizes mode of action harddisk, and media storage like partition type, drive letter hardly is suggested to prevent deeper damage.

source: Obengware