Tools and tips for editing your images in Photoshop.

If you open a file and can't make any edits, you may need to unlock your background layer. You can do this by double clicking the layer in the layer palette.

Always create a new document if you are making changes. That way if you ever want to start over again, you have an original to go back to.

Cropping an image:
Use the Marquee tool: Very Top left tool in the tool bar.
Click and drag to make your selection. Copy and paste into a new document.

To rotate or scale an image:
Go to the Edit menu at the top. Choose Transform and select either scale or rotate. You can grab the corners of the image to rotate and scale the image.

To make color corrections:
Go to the Image menu at the top. Choose Adjustments, under this menu you can choose to adjust the Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance and Hue/Saturation. Using these options you can make adjustments until you're happy with the overall color.

These are just a few helpful suggestions. If you need more Photoshop help, use the Help tools in the Help window, or take an online tutorial at the Adobe website.


20 Photoshop Tips

1. Shift Key for Accuracy-When you want to keep things straight or constant, use the
Shift key. Hold Shift when drawing a line will keep it straight. Rectangles and ellipses will stay square or round. In transform, it will keep the aspect ratio. Use while dropping one image onto another and it will center.

2. Fix Blow Outs-Ensure your blown highlights don’t print paper white by reducing the output in Levels adjustment to 245 from 255.

3. Fade a Fix-If you want slightly less of your last action, go to Edit>Fade to reduce the amount without using an opacity change.

4. Cool Double Exposure-drag one image on top of another and change the blending
mode to Screen. To darken, try Multiply.

5. Pick a color from anywhere-Click on the foreground color to bring up the color picker. Then click anywhere on the picture to pic that color. Pick from anywhere on the screen by holding down the mouse button and moving the picker around. The new color will change on release.

6. Resize Smart-Use resampling choices; Bicubic Smoother for enlargements, Bicubic Sharper for reductions, Nearest Neighbor for Hard edged shapes.

7. Combine Layers-Don’t want to flatten? Highlight the top layer, select all, then Control Shift C to copy, then Control Shift V to make a new layer with all the layers merged.

8. See the Whole Image-Tab to hide panels, then Control 0 to enlarge. Double clicking the hand tool will do the same. For a black border click F several times.

9. Contrasty Images-Use the shadow/highlight tool to adjust the tones.

10. Selective Color – Make a B&W adjustment layer, click on the mask, paint with black to reveal the color beneath.

11. Quick Change Brushes (CS4)- Hold down ALT and hold right click and push or pull mouse to size your brush. Shift-ALT and hold right click to change hardness.

12. Better Contrast-Using curves to fix contrast, set blend mod to luminosity to avoid color and saturation shifts.

13. Soft Skin-On a duplicate layer, Filter>Other>Highpass radius 5. Image>Adjustments>desaturate – blend mode Softlight. This will sharpen the image, now choose Image>Adjustments>Invert for a wonderful softness. Control with a layer mask.

14. Repair Right-Before cloning make a new layer. From the pulldown menu in the options bar pick Sample>Current and Below or Sample all. Your cloning will be on this hovering layer.

15. Quick B&W- Hold Cntrl and type 1, 2, 3 to see the red green and blue channels. Like one best? Goto channel mixer and make it 100%, the others at 0, check monochrome.

16. Great Eyes-use the Lasso set slightly feathered to select the eyes. Ctrl J to copy them to a new layer. Use levels or curves and sharpen here, control with opacity.

17. Fix Color- Image>Adjustments>Variations find the best and correct using curves.

18. See your type-Ctrl H will hide your highlight on your text or hide marching ants.

19. Print Size (CS4)-Find the width of your screen in pixels divide by the width of your screen (Pixels/inch) Open Preferences>Units and Rulers and enter the value in the screen resolution field. Choose View>Print size to see your photo as it will print.

20. Best Zoom-Use Ctrl+Spacebar and draw a rectangle around your zoom area.


Heart-Healthy Tips From the American Heart Association’s

Choose To Move Program
As part of Choose To Move, women learn easy, heart-healthy substitutions they can make to their daily meals and snacks. These tips aren’t additional “to-dos”, making their lives even busier — they are suggested instead as healthy and even time-saving, convenient replacements. For example:

1) Start the day right. A healthy breakfast energizes the brain and body and helps jump start the day.
Consider heart-healthy choices such as whole-wheat toast with 100 percent fruit spread, portable fruit, a low-fat granola bar,100 percent fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, or one of the American Heart Association’s approved breakfast recipes enclosed in this Choose To Move SM media kit.

2) Eat smart snacks. Smart snacks pack a variety of nutrients in a tasty package, helping you make the most of the calories you consume. Try a one-ounce handful of almonds, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, calcium-rich frozen low-fat yogurt with fruit, or a homemade snack mix made with salt-free seasoning blend.

3) Include protein-rich, nutritionally dense plant-based foods in your meals. They’re not only satisfying and versatile, but they’re heart-healthy, too. For example, use roasted, ground almonds as a nutritious “breading” for seafood, poultry or lean pork, or as “breadcrumbs” on top of a casserole. Almonds are packed with vitamin E and magnesium and are a good source of protein and fiber. Also, research shows that eating a daily one-ounce serving of almonds in place of foods higher in saturated fat can lower cholesterol.

4) Make easy, heart-healthy substitutions in recipes. Good flavor is what makes food worth eating — but flavor doesn’t have to mean high levels of saturated fat. Here are healthy ways to enhance the flavor.
Use plant-based fats, such as olive oil and canola oil.
Try rich evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream.
Enjoy flavorful, low-sodium broths.
Add flavor with good-quality herbs and spices.
Use grated lemon zest (the yellow part of the peel) and grated fresh ginger.
Use salt-free seasoning blends rather than salt at the table and while cooking. Instead of salt, add salt-free seasoning blends to steamed green vegetables for a real taste lift. Or sprinkle chicken breasts generously with salt-free seasoning blends and grill for a simple, quick, delicious meal.

5) Have available some easy, heart-healthy recipes that are adaptable to whatever’s in the house. The
heart-healthy recipes in the Choose To Move SM media kit work in this way — several recipes give easy substitutions to make if a certain ingredient is not on hand.

6) Get moving early in the day. Physical activity, even moderate walking, improves fitness, enhances energy levels and promotes a positive state of mind. To get the most benefit during the day, exercise as early as you can, even on a lunch break. Avoid intense physical activity within three hours of bedtime, as it can make restful sleep difficult.

7) Tune in and tone up, rain or shine. Weather or darkness doesn’t have to limit physical activity. Women can set the example for the rest of the family by lacing up those walking shoes while catching up on the news or watching a favorite television program. Carrying filled water bottles or canned foods works arms and shoulders, while stepping or jogging in place for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Work up to at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. If needed, start with shorter sessions and add 5 minutes each week until you reach 30 minutes a day.

8) Be a lean, mean, younger-looking cleaning machine! Tackle cleaning projects while listening to lively music. Take a break and dance vigorously to a favorite tune! Squat and reach a little farther when mopping, dusting and sweeping to work different muscle groups. Increasing muscle mass helps weight control by increasing metabolism. As muscles get stronger by working against resistance, you will standstraighter and look taller and younger.

9) Save money with a little old-fashioned work! Forget those car keys — walk to a nearby store for milk or to the post office for stamps. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn or washing the car, instead of hiring help, will increase physical activity and save money.

10) The gift of a lifetime: a healthy heart. By becoming more physically active, women of all ages and physical activity levels can expect such sought-after “gifts” as increased energy, better health, reduced stress and depression, improved appearance, increased self-confidence and a greater sense of well-being.


Makes transparent background in photoshop CS2

1. you are file open which its(the background will be made transparent

2. you are selection background like picture hereunder :

3. you are open help – export transparent image

4. you select;chooses 3 coming up choice – “ I has selected the area to made transparent”

5. next – there emerges question “ what will this image is used for?” – select;chooses “ online”

6. select;chooses format “ PNG” for good result.

7. and save - finish

Hopefully useful


makes website from photoshop

makes website from photoshop

its(the video here you are, safe tries.

itsthe trick is hardly easy to

and this way of making its(the web in dreamweaver


Makes album web with photoshop for beginner

Makes album web with photoshop for beginner

1. open ur photoshop
2. click : file – automate – web photo gallery
3. arranges style which you to like
4. and contents of e-mail, that you e-mail address comes up in web
5. browse source image your photograph folder
6. browse folder destination
7. arranges its(the option according to your appetite
8. and extensions which you applies HTML can or HTM, because its(the language is same
9. then clicked OK
10. having

web your gallery photo have been available in folder directory which you has determined, hopefully useful.


Tips usage of tool editing infra red photo

Tips usage of tool editing infra red photo

Photograph from result of camera infra red very on unique, many mans which confusion for problem process his(its digital, many people whoes at forum photography tells tool applied in photoshop only around image --> adjusment like channel mixer, selective colour, auto of level, curves, color balance, hue/saturation, etc..

Hopefully with this my postingan, you can develop it and more creatively again.

Hopefully useful.


tips easy to change background photograph

tips easy to change background photograph

1. photograph open is wishing selection you

2. applies polygonal lasso tool or magnetic lasso tool or compress L in keyboard

3. starts does selection, in the event of mistake of quit of selection or selection of line, you are compress backspace to return it.

4. after completed selection of compress V atu move tool and draws to background which you wishs.

5. having

hopefully useful


Tips makes photograph vintage / retro for beginner

1. your photograph open

2. duplicate layer by the way of CTRL + J

3. then opened CURVES / CTRL + M

4. arranges composition of colour as according to your will;desire, but channel applied only blue and red, that photograph is more having colourly vintage

5. after completed phase 4, now you are your photograph contact with grunge brush, that photograph bebercak and having nuance photograph which have been long enough.

6. save only. Having

hopefully useful


Tips makes simple frame in photoshop

1. your photograph open

2. duplicate your foto/layer by the way of CTRL + J

3. then double clicked in layer 1 ( result of duplicate)

4. after admission in layer style click inner glow

5. changes blend mode with NORMAL

6. opacity 100%

7. and element its(the choke 100%

8. then its(the size you liked you

9. click ok and having

hopefully useful


washs out of with photoshop for beginner

washs out of with photoshop for beginner

possibly plenty (of) way to clean face we are photographed, can apply healing tool, can also applies blur tool.

But sometimes we wish quickly in doing expurgation, now I am there are solution, only with a few clicked the you face in photograph thus spotless cleanness.

Its(the solution is download you 2 tool must be additional that is imagenomic noisware and imagenomic potraitue, with ke2 tool you are ga needs is hard difficultness to sweep one by one stain is face [by] you.

Hopefully useful


tips editing photograph manual infra red ( IR camera)

tips editing photograph manual infra red ( IR camera)

1. your IR photograph open

2. duplicate layer / CTRL + J

3. click Image – Adjusment – Channel mixer

4. this composition for Channel mixer – RED : red 0 green 0 blue 100 – BLUE : red 100 green 0 blue 0. OK

5. then CTRL + auto Levator Skapula and click of level, and result of his(its would like this

6. having, the rest up to you.

Hopefully useful.


Cleans body laptop

Cleans body laptop :

* before using cotton, cleaned is former with kemoceng which smooth of because if same direct of mop feared it there are dirt or sand yg patchs laptop body palladium if it is mop will incise laptop body.

* applies mop yg very smooth, or applies cotton.

* applies dilution of computer cleaner which bnyk is sold in book shops and computer

* otherwise had special cleaner, applies sampho which mix of water. Earns jg is applied [by] saucer cleaner soap ( ex : mamma lime, .....) mingled dgn water. Earns also applies eucalyptus oil. Earns jg to apply alcohol.

* dilution doesn't directly is poured to laptop body tp through cotton beforehand.

* rubs and direct drying with cotton other.

* If chafed laptop paint earned jg is applied [by] vehicle paint cleaner but in a real portion a few.

hopefully useful


Cleans laptop LCD [screen/sail]

Cleans laptop LCD [screen/sail] :
* before using lap/kain, cleaned is former with cotton/tissue which smooth of sebb if same direct of mop feared it there are dirt or sand yg patchs laptop body palladium if it is mop will incise laptop body.

* applies mop yg very smooth, or applies cotton.

* dilution doesn't directly is poured to laptop body tp through cotton beforehand.

* applies special dilution of cleaner lcd yg many sold.

* doesn't apply wet mop because permeable lcd of water and will influence dilution yg at in lcd.

hopefully useful


Back Up and Encrypt

Make regular backups of important files and folders, and encrypt them, too. Compression utilities such as WinZip will encrypt archive contents, and so will the Windows (XP and later) option Send To Compressed (zipped) Folder you can access by right-clicking on a file or files, or a directory


Use Strong Passwords

For Newbie Neighbors (or Friends, or Relatives, or…You)
For your operating system, e-mail accounts, and all online log-ons, use a password that:
• is six or more characters long
• contains a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols;
• is not the name of your dog or cat; and
• contains words not found in the dictionary.


Disable File and Printer Sharing

In Windows XP, open Network Connections from the Control Panel. Right-click on the connection and choose Properties.
In the resulting dialog, uncheck the box labeled File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks. In Vista, right-click on the Network icon in the system tray or open Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel. Under Sharing and Discovery, choose Off for file sharing or printer sharing, depending on your needs.


Tips take care Healthy Hair Sparkled

Has hair to respect of course becomes craving the atmosphere. Unhappily, hair we cannot always fulfills hope every day to come up respecting in eye. There is many factors making our hair sometimes seems to be be matt and lepek, but with regular treatment of annoyed thing of that can be avoided. So, following we give some tips treatment of hair to make your crown always seems to be respecting sparkles.
Before all jumps at tips-tip which we present, you soybean cake need to there are some important factor having an in with beauty [of] hair. Actually, someone hair characteristic depend on some factors, where between it brought by descendant factor. Some genetic factors is in control of how winnowing of your hair.
Non that only, level of hormone also has the same influence the many. And moreover, area, especially air and water also has dampakyang do not less important at our hair every day his(its. That is why, each and everyone have ever experienced ugly day with situation of annoyed hair.
But, meagrely treatment, you can congratulate remaining at ugly day with hair lepek and matt. But this is not the permanent happened in once job(activity, you need to do treatment step by step day after day for the shake of getting hair kemilau.

Following some tips for hair shaped treatment:

* Develops habit of life Sehat. If You are smoker, hence strarting kicks a habit this. Does sport regularly, eats food with well-balanced gizi and applies relaxation technique to assuage stres.

* Labours for sleeping like a top every night. Doesn't bring burden before sleep, because that thing can cause your sleep annoyed, and circulation of blood which non fluent makes your hair thus matt.

* If You applies hair dresser products and cosmetic, avoids product which alcohol barium in concentration of height. Doesn't dab direct hair dresser product in scalp. This thing can close over pore in leading you, where that can destroy your scalp and hair.

Hair shaped comb by aiming to under

* If You fond of swam, before making a bolt for swimming pool to wett formerly your hair with branch water. Swimming pool water usually is mingled kaporit, it is of course non nicely hair create.

* Applies hair shaped dryer with cool setting. Hot weather from dryer can make dry hair and breakdown. Applies hair shaped dryer by flattening, non continuous in one places. Before using hair dryer, rubs wet hair with dry towel beforehand, then applied dryer to dry hair which partially dehydrated has.

* Applies comb which wooden, this good material to take care of your hair do not easy to moult. Using comb which cleanness, for the purpose cleans your comb with soap or shampoo regularly. Combing hair with descent direction. 0 Select;chooses shampoo with quality is good. Applies method trial and errors in choosing shampoo, and select;chooses most appropriate for your hair.

Said tips-tips which we to present. To have hair respects you need to do a few business and ketelatenan in taking care of it. Safe tries!

source : sekawan cosmetik


Tips avoid Sprue

Sprue disease of course old stuff in our ear. Likely this minor ailment, but can make eating we thus unpleasant because lip perih, and sometime makes body thus cool temperature.
Possible civilian create sprue only identical with hurt in buccal cavity. Though, disease looking like like that a lot. Its(the example, infection of herpes zooster at buccal cavity, comes up with oral area cancer also sometimes generates the same symptom.
In medical language, sprue usualy is called as stomatitis aphte reccurent that is inflammation or hurt in mucosa area ( soft area in our buccal cavity) like labial inner surface and cheek inner surface, gum, tongue, and roof area. Sprue can in the form of small hurt up to its(the diameter multiple cm. Ever greater of hurt diameter usually curative longer and if recovers can generate ex- hurt.
Even so, which felt once very bothers if medium of sprue is pain in bone taste as well as making difficult to eat. Sometimes also, sprue can be accompanied with bubo of usual lymph gland of teraba in neck area. bubo the gland sometimes also we feel rather pain in bone.

Having immeasurable pemicu
There is many causes causing lip we must suffer from sprue. For example only, trauma or hurt as result of nipped, ill fitting store teeth or formation of our mussy tooth so that if it is used munchs can about gum or cheek inner surface.
Also able to because infection which can be because of bacterium, virus, or mushroom, and lacking of mineral vitamin and matters like folic acid, vitamin c, vitamin B 12, ferrum, zinc, and allergy.
Imbalance of hormone also can have an effect on. For example, for you sure cewek have time to experience trouble nearing menstruating. Existence of an other disease like acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, leukimia, mainly causes at decline body endurance also makes sprue easier to emerge compared to we normal.

psikologis, misalnya saat stres.
Besides, Also there is mentioning one of its(the cause is psychological factor, for example when stres.
Actually, for therapy of special sprue there is no because the sprue is inflammation. Usually medical doctor gives special balm drug of anti inflamatory which able to be dabbed in sprue area. Gargles with antiseptic gargle also enough assisting quickens healing and lessens pain taste. Simple in house, nut with aqueous solution of warmness salt.
Generally the sprue can recover x'self. Slowest processed its(the healing around two weeks. But, if its(the sprue is heavy and there [are] infection of possible bacterium of we need to drink antibiotic.


tips overcomes pain maag (stomach)

Basically curable maag(stomach) pain with material which effectively neutralizes gastric acid and is not permeated into body so that enough safe is applied. More and more antacid rate in drug maag hence would more and more also acid which can be neutralized so that more effectively in overcoming pain symptom maag completely.
Unhappily, the existing finite has not there is a way of easy to live is healthy free of pain maag besides improve;repairing life pattern and pattern eats. Does you eat, how many you is having athletic and how big stress you are natural can have an effect on to stomach health. Following is some tips healthy life overcomes maag(stomach):

Ø Multiplies eating fibrous food
Food containing many fibres like quicker and easier fruits and vegetable digested by stomach causing makes stomach to work healthier.

Ø Often having athletic
Athletic basically can stimulate muscles to work is including muscle perut/pencernaan causing can make healthier digestion.

Ø Drinks which many
Water can assist in processing nutrition which we to eat as well as assisting absorbtion of nutrition into body. Besides water also can mellow and launchs dismissal.

Ø Control stress
Stress can become pemicu the happening of maag because in the condition is body only focus to some just certain parts and forgets ingestion and even quickens its(the exit is sour in stomach causing makes we to feel perih and stomachache.

Ø Lessens fatty food
Excessive fatty food can pursue ingestion so that will increase risk is attacked [by] pain symptom maag(stomach).

Ø Desists smoking
Smoking need to be avoided by can cause improvement of gastric acid and peptic ulcer.

(from various sources)


Tips eclipsed High Blood Or Hypertension

Hypertension usually doesn't show symptom and sign. The this is why of vital importance to do inspection of blood pressure in routine. Only inspection of high blood pressure by using high blood pressure checker diagnosa hypertension can be upheld.

Tips Mengatasi
therapy high blood pressure is started with changes of life style to assist reducing blood pressure and lessens risk of heart sickness. If the changes didn't give result, possibly you need to consume drugs for high blood patient, of course by taking counsel with medical doctor. Even if you must consume drugs, what a the good is accompanied with change of life style which can assist you to lessen number of or drugs doses which you are consumption.

Doesn't smoke
The nicotine in cigarette ( cigarette) and cigarette product from tobacco causes arrowroot vein ( konstiksi) and heartbeat becomes quicker, in temporary will boost up blood pressure. If you desisted smoking, you earns with signifikan to lessen risk to come down with heart and from heart attack, and earns also reduces blood pressure.

Lost weight body if you overweight and Lakukan sport regularly.
If you was one with overweight or body overweight, loses weight body usually assists reducing blood pressure. Regular sport is a habit and a good way to lose weight body. That thing also seen good for reducing blood pressure by itself.

Eats with healthy diet included in it to multiply eating fruit and vegetable and lessens fat and Kurangi consumption of sodium, alcohol and caffein.

Not each and everyone imbued with consumes sodium, but sodium can increase blood pressure to some people. Most man who is having high blood better limit consumption of sodium at its(the diet is every day less than 2400 magnesiums. Doesn't add salt at your food diet. Investigates food lable for sodium content at food which consumption you would. While some foods which really there are a lot of sodium content, like potato chips, you are not possibly realizes how many sodium residing in in bread and cheese.

At some people, alcohol causes at its(the rising quite a lot blood pressure. At the others doesn't give effect at its(the rising blood pressure. If you drinked alcohol, limits consumption of you alcohol with minium alcohol at the most 1 or 2 beverage per its(the day. One beverages is one beer cans, which one is one glasses wine or one jigger or liquor. If your blood pressure increased relating to alcohol consumed, best is not necessarily consume alcohol.

Tries relaxation techniques or biofeedback.

Stress could probably cause at blood pressure. To assist fights against stress, tries doing relaxation or biofeeedback. The thing works carefully if done at least once in one day. Asks and asks suggestion from medical doctor about this matter.

High blood pressure Therapy
A lot of drug type differs in which high blood pressure therapy applicable to ( hypertension) so-called with antihypertensive medicines ( anti hypertension drugs).

Purpose of therapy is to lessen blood pressure and returns it at normal measure with easy drugs in consumption, available, the numbers is rather possibly, if enabling without there are side effects. Purpose of the therapy almost always reached at hypertension therapy.

If your high blood pressure only poisons in controls with medical drugs, you need to consume the drugs for rest of your life. Doesn't desist consumes drugs without beforehand takes counsel with medical doctor or sulfur you would be high are attacked [by] stroke or heart attack.

anti Hypertension drug types ( high blood pressure)
Diuretics obat-bat this type assists body to negate body from abundant dilution and sodium so that vein is not too heavily works because too the many dilutions in body.
Beta-blocker this type drug will assist mengehentikan effect from adreanalin
Alpha-blockers; alpha blocker will assist vein in order not to experience barrier or makes open vein.
Angiotensin II adalah suatu senyawa kimia yang menyebabkan konstriksi pembuluh darah.
ACE inhibitors good for preventing vein to experience kostriksi or stricture by the way of preventing and stops forming of angiotension II. Angiotensin II is a chemistry compound causing constriction of vein.
konstriksi dengan mencegah masuknya calcium ke dalam sel tubuh.
Calcium Channel Blockers; functioning prevents vein from the happening of constriction by preventing the entry of calcium into body cell.
combination drug of Aliance drug, ACE inhibitor with calcium channel blockers.

Drug side effects
Each different drug has different side effects at man who different. anti Hypertension drug side effects covers is confused when standing from position of sleep or sits, rate potasium in low blood, sleep trouble, sleepy, drought mouth, headache, bloated or oedem, constipation and depression. At man, some anti hypertension drugs can cause problem with erection trouble.

Consulted with you medical doctor about any change from condition of you are be including drug side effects. If one drug types which you consumed not to give result or there are drug usage side effects, you has choice to apply other type drug or type. Lets you medical doctor to assist you in choosing and determines correct drug for you.


tips makes healthy eye

Various Practices

Eye Create For Computer Consumer
Now, almost no work that is is not is finalized by using computer. Works with computer, often generates various sighs at eye. But unnecessary worried, following elaborated [by] some alternative of practices for eye!

Eye gymnastic
Dr Harish S Belvi, eye specialist medical doctor in Mumbai, explains that routine office hours must be interspersed with rest time. When resting Dr. Harish suggests a way to exercise is small and easy: Firstly, winks several times. Whilst eye is closed, eyeball rotary
either concurrent and also anticlockwise in rotation and breathes in. Slowly, eye open discharging breath. Does this practice for minutes and repeats at least thrice before you returns to working. Practice that is nicely your eye create!

• Sees is far
When working for duration of stripper, sees an object afar, either in and also outside office. Sees too far and then returns at work to assist eye to focus better. Tries does this thing during five to ten minutes every hour(clock.

• Palming
Sits straight in your chair and rubs second splits your palm so felt warmness. Then pastes up palm at eye and rileks during 60 seconds. Its(the warmness your palm assists makes calm and makes rileks tired eye. Repeated this practice two or thrice if eye felt fatigue, or often which you will.

• Cipratan water in the face of
When rest cipratkan water to face, whereas closing eyes you. This thing generates relaxation effect and assists you are fresh returned.

• Walks along
After completed lunch, takes the air a few outside offices for minutes. This will give enough rest to your eye as well as getting fresh air.

• Applies tea bag
Departs from two teaex- bag in cooler cupboard;locker before going works. When until returning to house, push tea bag in your eye for minutes relaxing. This is not only makes calm tired eye, but also eliminates lebam.

• Drinks white water
Drinks is juicy whiteness, assists eliminates fatigue. When dehydration, especially in room ber-AC, body starts menyimpan water as a form of x'self defence. This thing adds kelebaman around eye.

• Eats is healthy
Eats food containing vitamin A,C, and E every day; eats fruit of berasa acid, green vegetables, tomato, spinach, chicken flesh and milk. Where necessary wrapped carrot cutting, cucumber and fruit of freshs for dikudap outside mealtime in office.


Tips Makes Lip Seems To Be Be sexy

Has section lip of basin Angelina Jolie of course thus dream many womens. If Angelina Jolie had section lip have been from ' sono ' his(its, we also can have sexy lip meagrely business. Following tips to make lip seems to be section.

1. Dabs labial moisturizer before lipstick stomachache. This will make your damp lip and makes it seen full.

2. Applies colour pencil natural to make your lip boundary line. After completed contents of overall of your lip interior with colour which you desires.

3. To add your lip measure applies lipstick glossy or gleaming. Dabs gloss or lipstick to gleam that with labial paintbrush and select;chooses colour matching with skin and clothes which you wears.

4. To prevent belepotan at its(the periphery, taburi part of your lip periphery with transparent powder.

So, You can try this tips to get sexy lip and captures. Safe tries!

source : sekawan cosmetik


tips to be protected from wormy

think didn't be wormy only can groan chlid. Adult also can be infiltrated worm. Prevents is better compared to curing. This also applies wormy create. Remembers so much helminthiasis impact, hence better do step of preventif following:

* Accustoms cleans hand. Each time works in dirty area, especially each time from toilet, cleans hand. Ascertains food and beverage free of contamination of faeces.

* Applies cleanness water. Especially water to cook.

* Cleans area regularly, ascertains there is no contamination of dirt from toilet down our way.

* Ascertains lalapan cleanness. For food devotee lalapan or raw vegetable, rinses the vegetable with lotic water. That be cockier free of germ and dirt, dyes the vegetable into water boils a few seconds.

* Healthy and clean latrine. Pays attention to supporting facilities to clean, bath and water closet. Does have been up to standard health or has not.

Now depends on to us, is wish to live susceptible or healthy is infiltrated [by] brighter worm. Starts healthy life and clear of ownself. Not merely from food, but also everyday environment.


tips that clean and white tooth

You Have ever calculates how many times you to smile in one day? Of course the numbers more than you ties tooth. Smiled respects his(its sure equiped with healthy tooth. For healthy and white tooth, corrected reading formerly tips berikutPada its(the base, our tooth colour truthfully is white. But with the many food matters passing tooth also by age factor, so that tooth colour cannot stay is white forever. That is which its(the semesti we take care of.
If You had problem with tooth appearance, doesn't worry because now there are many ways to cure and overcomes it. We correct reading is just together.;)

1. Takes care of before have come too far unintentionally to become breakdown. Applies straw if you to drink coffee, tea, beverage is having soda as well as red grape;wine. Thereby, non dental beverage directly. The beverages usually becomes damage cause of a real strong tooth.

2. Multiplies consumes food standing as natural tooth bleaching. Its(the example fruit and vegetable. Natural material of which is effective enough to clean tooth among others: apple, carrot and celery.

3. Strawberry is fruit of a real special tooth bleaching. Its way easy. Breaks just of strawberry then pastes up at all you tooth by using finger. Hushed during one until two minutes. Then rubbed tooth totallyly until cleanness.

4. A number of matters can be stick in you tooth easily. Therefore you must prevent the forming of tooth stain or plaque. Applies brocolli, cress leaf or spinach to prevent it. The very efficacious proven vegetables for business prevents tooth stain.

5. Applies tooth paste standing as bleaching. Usually tooth paste model like this many sold in marketing. But it is of course butuh time sufficiently long and a real intensive treatment to get maximum result. Now most of tooth paste has applied chemical enzyme and formula so that you are unnecessary hesitated to consume tooth paste is having bleaching.

6. Easy Way and simple to take care of white permanent teeth is brush teeth thrice one day and every completed eats. But neglectless in banding tooth. Doesn't too hard in consequence can make abrasion tooth and breakdown. His(its nicer applied electrical toothbrush and arranges time to tie tooth during two minutes.

7. Quickest and easiest but requires cost is more is by the way of bleaching or whitening. A kind of this tooth maintenance model in big supply in tooth clinic and beauty clinic. A kind of this treatment can stay during two until three years. But remain to be just after in bleaching, you must take care of food and beverage consumed.

Wish to have tooth and white and healthy also isn't it? Bes awaiting more than anything else. Smiles respecting you waiting:D has


Rutinitas Treatment of Healthy Skin & Respects

It is important to know, effort takes care of beauty [of] and health of skin for every people, the best way is by doing treatment rutinity of skin, each and everyone has different confidence. There are some man which more love to do treatment by going to salon. Medium of the other, does routine maintenance x'self, with treatment product of each choice skin.

If relates to treatment of person, surely each and everyone had trust product x'self. But differs from idea most people, that increasingly expensive a product hence increasingly good for skin. Actually, would be better if you chooses product by considering advantage gotten for skin.

First step to determine treatment rutinity of skin, you must know your skin type beforehand. Determines is your skin having type, drought, sensitive, oily or normal. co-signature skin type is stepping is important to start rutinity, because if buying unsuited product hence will not give benefit, even possible instead thus ' disaster'. Basically, to get result that is good, all treatment products of skin must be disesuaiakan with your skin type. For example skin type Andanormal, products you that need to select;choose is for the things having type normal skin.

Important and most important and most important medium in treatment of skin is sweeping. Applies water which too hot or too cool for skin can cause damage, became during doing sweeping to ascertain you to apply warmness water. There is three cleaner fundamental components so-called wetting agents, is special oil, water and surfactants. oil and surfactants. assists lifts medium dirt of water is functioning to wash dirt. What a the good in this case, you spares time to choose cleaner working is good at chemical matter in your body.

Lifting second step dead skin cells with peeling. Lifts useful death skin cells in assisting commutation process of cells naturally. For You having type oily and normal skin at least needs four until five times within a week does peeling. While for the having skin sensitive or drought butuh only one or two times within a week.

After bath, at the time skin still in a state of your wet need to dab moisturizer at skin. Any nonchalant is your skin type, moisturizer is important thing for treatment, though that is for greasy skin type. Moisturizer plays important role in draws humidity from skin area. But, too much using moisturizer also can destroy skin.

Last step in treatment rutinity of skin is apply sunscreen. One of choice is earning you to take is find moisturizer or lotion having content SPF or UV Protection, thus you gets two advantages at the same time through?via one products.


Assuages Stress To start from Hand

You can do manicure x'self in house by the way of simple without releasing many costs. Besides lengthening hand, you also able to assuage stress. There are some way which you able to do that can get two the benefits.

* First stage is prendaman. Prepares a bowl which have been filled with warmness water. Then gave some lavender oil drips or chamomile.

* Your hand soaking into bowls and pejamkan of eye merilekskan to thought of you. Takes a deep breath to increase calmness. After 2 or 3 your minute can issu of challenge and dries with face towel or waslap.

* The next is eksifoliasidari natural material. Its way is with mingling 4 sand sugar tablespoon with 1 olive tablespoon. Rubs in slow at tanga which is dry then you dried with face towel or waslap. Benefit from sugar is slough dry skin whereas oil can refine and softens hand.

* Last is soothing. Than only dabs moisturizer to hand, it is better you tries also menaklukan stress. Its way is after dabbing lotion for hand, small circle picture with thumb at palm and always rides on finite to tip of every finger. Menstimulir point of this compress with finger will increase blood stream later on will assuage stress. Safe Tried.


Lessens Consumption of Sweet Food

POSSIBLY almost along the length of our life, readymade sugar of indivisible part, even above the we have ever realized. So, possibility that we all nyandu has at sugar. What no, almost every food which we are everyday consumption often is tidy with sugar, including fruit juice, coffee and tea, yogurt, breakfast create bread and all kinds of sereal. Even if you drinks diet soda, you still consuming approximant 10 sugar teaspoons, maximum measure enabled consumed in one day.
His(its real, sugar do not give any at body, except increasing energy - at all without vitamin content, mineral, fibre and or anti-oksidan found in natural food. And particularly, sugar can trigger fatness.
Likely impossible approximant to abolish sugar in everyday life of we, but there is a way of enough easy to limit asupan sugar to our body. / Following some its(the tips.

1. Abolishs packaging products - including which is made with flour - and select;chooses food in the form of original - except canned fruit or juice. And consumption more fruitses.

2. Drinks is juicy whiteness all day long - because sometime we are wrong interprets dehydration as peckish taste.

3. Select;chooses food mengadung protein - this type food permeated is longer from at carbohydrate and makes fully filled taste gone along way.

4. Kicks a habit consumes your favorite beloved food during three weeks. After the time lag, sensuous indra of you will experience your change and requirement beloved food would do not as strong as before all.

5. Controls motivation for ngemil. If You dines doughnut rasher, took interval 15 minutes to thought of the food again or transfers by going takes the air. After this postponement, your desire to eat beloved food will decrease.


healthy way applies computer

Accomodates equipments of job(activity every will engage in, so that fatigue & deductible wounded, like:

* Accomodates chair height according to body height
* situation of Monitor top margin there is in 1 straight line with eye causing head no upturned and or bows when seeing to monitor
* Monitor distance with eye there is in aparting reads ( around 50cm) so that body no need to bow each time sees to monitor
* Arranges ‘ refresh rate ' monitor equal to 72Hz or more so that eye is not quickly tired
* All back is supported carefully by soft chair arm rest
* Applies foot/feet palm arm rest ( footrest) so that position of tungkai in a state of rileks.
* Brachium & under forming corner 90 degrees when etic
* Both palm jetties bertumpu/bersandar at desk, doesn't hang
* Applies chair with penyangga/sandaran forearm
* To can read comfortably, arranges setting contrast & strength of light from monitor, not too light causing bedazzles eye & fullfilling contrast so article in monitoring is easy to read
* Avoids existence of acurate light rear or in front of monitor
* Ascertains lighting in room to fullfill to read buku/tulisan is printed
* Applies & arranges correctly headphone & mike ( headset) what provided to earn hears clearly & talks without need to scream
* Avoids position to sit is the same during old, various some positions sits balmy
* To support optimal job(activity & prevents hit [by] health trouble, suggested
* Rest during 5 minute every working during 1 hour(clock, this rest cannot be merged.

Applies this brief breathing space to run, does athletic movements light, or takes beverage

* Longer breathing space ( 15-30 minutes) every 4 hour(clock works, applies for rileks/beristirahat & eats
* To lessen eye fatigue, sees out window ( view) or object which its(the situation is far every 10-15 minutes once
* Ascertains enough drinks to prevents dehydration. Requirement of dilution suggested for they working in room ber-AC is around 50-60cc/kgBB/hari. Its(the example if body weight 50kg, hence [at] least must drink around 2500cc/hari
* Doesn't arrest;detain urine to prevent infection of channel kemih or the forming of stone in ureter
* Accomodates job(activity room temperature, not too cool or too temperature. Temperature which too temperature will make quickly fatigue & emotion increases, while temperature which too cool will make muscle to become rigid & easier to be hit wounded. Temperature suggested it is around 24-25 degree Celciuses
* If it is enabled, music rotary in volume which slow to avoid saturation & damps emotion
* Sleep in number which is enough, around 6-8 jam/hari
* Eats nutritious food of complete, varies, & balance, also enough fibres
* Eats weight 1-2 hours before engaging in so that there are enough energies to work without bothered sleepy or hungry taste
* Having athletic regularly 2-3 times every week
* Soon takes counsel with medical doctor each time feels there are indocation in body below par causing earns quickly is cured.

By doing above things, hopefully health trouble as result of working with deductible computer & produktivitas/efisiensi job(activity increases.


adding capacities RAM with flashdisk

resentful same of computer liking lag ?!!

now I share science,, and can all of you attempt...

that is adding capacities RAM with flashdisk

1. Pairs flashdisk to computer.

2. Clicked right at My Computer then select;chooses Properties.

3. Tab click Advanced, then clicked knob Settings at box Performance.

4. At emerging window, clicked tab Advanced then knob click Change at box Virtual memory.

5. Select;chooses drive C, then select;chooses No paging file. If had continued with clicking knob Set.

6. Select;chooses drive ' flashdisk ' you ( takes example drive F), usually called Removable disk if you had not given name at flashdisk. Then selected System managed size and continued with clicking knob Set.

7. Pays attention to padakotak Total paging file size for All drives. its(the Recommended Value doesn't exceed capacities flashdisk.

8. If more hence you can enter ' total value ' from capacities flashdisk. Its way clicked choice Custom Size then at Initial Size and Maximum Size is filled with total value from capacities flashdisk. You must leave over 5 - 6 Mb. This is clauses from Windows XP itself. If had, knob click Set.

9. Clicked OK then Restart computer

safe tries..


smart way chooses computer / notebook

Lately newspapers is inundated [by] advertisement of sale of cheap laptop. From laptop kings like Toshiba, IBM alias Lenovo, HP, Acer, until the new comers like ECS, A Note, and Benq, all tides advertensi. With money Rp 5 millions, whose also can bring laptop return keren and style.
From floging brand and laptop type which the dispersion about which suited for you?
Following some of factors that need to be considered in choosing laptop. This result of mind dummy for dummies, hehehe … Who knows useful.

1. Delimitates price range
According to the financial consultants is better if we buy based on KEBUTUHAN is not KEINGINAN is not also GENGSI. ( prestige aja oppositely not may)

2. The application of is often used:
* If only create ngetik, makes presentation powerpoint, excel, internet, once in a while photoshop class Intel Celeron or AMD Sempron also have been enough. Even many have been equiped access Wifi. Unnecessary bought laptop dg processor Centrino expensive yg. Celeron/sempron also strong made Photosop-an, Corel Draw, even also QuarkExpress ( design utk makes newspaper like the one is used Koran Tempo)–sudah is test in house. If will more energetically dg cheap laptop, upgrade x'self memory or RAM out of 256 MB –> 512 MB. Because Windows XP like Linux if it is attached in memory computer 256 MB of course less greng

* If create yg liked ngoprek computer program, graphic design that is weight, of course easier pake upper class processor like Core 2, AMD TURION. Centrino or ordinary Core Solo also actually also have been fair to middling of lah.

* And remembers Core Duo processor laptops the existing also running cannot 100 % like the one is wanted its(the producer. Because, processor Core 2 claims new software which suited “ its(the brain”. And present of software sedikiiiiit still once. Windows Vista Has just no sense ( that also dilaunch has just). So, speed aspect expected from laptop job(activity Core this 2 yes..

3. How your mobile
* Increasingly mobile select;chooses light and small. Average of wt. laptop 2,3-2,5 kgs.

* Increasingly mobile select;chooses durable battery. Average of laptop sih its(the battery 2,5 - 3 hour(clock. Which ultra low voltage like output Fujitsu, Sony Vaio, Toshiba Portege can 4-7 hours.

* For consumer which is not high frequent flyer battery class yg 2,5-3 hours also have been enough.

4. screen/sail
* Is liking is small of course select;chooses [screen/sail] 8, 10, 11 or 12 inchi, but small this usually costlier

* Which is medium sih 13 or 14 inchi. Which 15 inchi usually cheaper again. Wishs wide but pingin not looked to be gede select;chooses which wide screen. [screen/sail] 13 wide fair to middling sreen, non undersize or gede.

* Is making design yes delicious his(its 17 inchi

5. That need to be remembered also laptop which we have bought that tends to the price free fall.
In 2 year laptop ex- that can go down the price 2-4 million. So if buys is expensive considered also decrease of batty yg value.

If me sih prefer to buy laptop which do not too sophisticated remembers anyway the price 2-4 years drop would all hollow and sells again the non easy laptop. Select;chooses medium technology, with possible middle price one of alternative that is properly is considered because of under developed technology side do not very, from the price of also is not nguras sack;bag.

6. reputation of Brand
* IBM ( now Lenovo) — rigid design ( rather sweet just last type like Z61), but strong and bandel, keyboard measure very snugly on-hand

* Acer — brand taiwan beloved design, its(the claim sih first one in Europe the year 2006

* Toshiba — have ever been through years thus laptop no 1 in world and in Indonesia, fair to middling of bandel

* ECS — brand Taiwan , he/she said ok

* Dell – keren for type which Inspiron

* Sony Vaio — design that is type TX keren once, small and imut-imut. Darling in price still in 18-20 million.

* Hp/compaq — I have never liked its(the design

* Fujitsu — type the so small keren

* Powerbook — cool and different, thin, but heavy and non compatible for pengoprek computer because its(the operating system Macintosh.

Other factor of sih only aksesoris like koneksi bluetooth, infrared, peacemaker with fingerprint, card reader SD. Altogether it is possible that minor consideration.

Yes, this idea of hunter and secondhand laptop devotee.


way of choosing antivirus which is good

Said computer virus of course have been very sticks in each computer consumer. And avoid computer virus, of course an antivirus required for menangkal computer virus comes into computer. There is so much software anti virus, but because so much, possibly have ever been passed by quickly in you marrow, antivirus what general for menangkal virus. For the this, there is many the answers. Many party(sides that is often does reviews about antivirus software excitement, and may simply the answer is having immeasurable.

If you are be including man is confusing in choosing antivirus, it is better you knows things any kind of taken as directive in choosing antivirus.

1. Real Time Protector
This fitur absolute there must be in antivirus. Because this fitur is backbone for you computer security. real time protector is a small program ( from antivirus) which bersemayan in memory and every certain time will amend / scan contents of your computer - either memories and or hardisk – from virus. With Real Time Protector, hence your computer security can be guaranteed. Name of differ from this fitur is Resident Shield, Live Shield, etc.

2. Update Service
Which is not less important be be available the update service. Update service most importantly is virus database update. This thing is because of viral database applied by antivirus to identify a virus. Antivirus which is good is antivirus having auto fitur updated and its(the database is always updated by the side of maker antivirus. Besides, select;chooses antivirus providing manual update service – by the way of mengunduh database virussehingga facilitates you which is not always is terkoneksi to internet.

3. Has Kicker
Kicker under this can in the form of firewall, anti spyware, link scanner, scanner enamel, and anti rootkit. Fitur-fitur can be spelled out members mandatory requirement ( otherwise can be may spelled out members must) to make you computer is more safe. There are some antivirus providing the service with komplit, there is also only some only. Select;chooses according to requirement of you. ( fitur you also able to get by using separate program, but more practically if fitur there is in an antivirus)

4. Originalitas Antivirus
This thing is possible more acurately if it is imposed to us. If enabling - actually must– if you chooses applies antivirus payee ( like norton, kaspersky) applies Antivirus which original. Why using antivirus original? Because by using antivirus original hence we can feel is balmy in having computer cheerful. Some vendor antivirus has technology which where can detect does antivirus which we apply original or no. Usually this thing relates to update facility. If our antivirus original, we are given permission to update, but otherwise, hence update is refused. Besides can be be possible to get antivirus directly from vendor, can order through?via cadmium or unduh direct. This thing is important to take care of authenticity of antivirus you ( its(the intention by getting direct antivirus from vendor, hence authenticity of antivirus well guaranted 100% from possibility that infiltration of bad codes). If you didn't enable applies antivirus original payee, tries applies free antivirus.

5. Post Service Sells
Select / chooses antivirus which where its(the vendor having post service to sell good ( 1×24jamx7hari). Thereby if simply your antivirus failed detects virus, hence you can apply fitur ( service) this to save you computer. antivirus payee usually has post service facility to sell better than free antivirus.

So, that is some points which you able to apply in choosing antivirus. Safe chooses antivirus best for you.


maintained personal computer

Tries paying attention to contents of PC you, its(the casing cover?conclusion open. Does still seen cleanness? Or have been many patching dirts? Especially dirt in part of main board ( its(the motherboard). If(when dirt has seen thick to close over motherboard PC you, soon conducts action preventif. This situation doesn't be let. Because often happened component in it scorch / combustible because the dirt factor. Why this can happened?

Patching dirt simply contains particle elektrik/listrik, where the particle can cause the happening of short circuit between components ( korslet). Short circuit sepersekian just second can cause the component in of combustible direct. So takes a care if(when in sight dirt of thick, especially in part which nearby processor.

Precaution to, cleans its(the motherboard with paintbrush, or if (there are) any vacuum cleaner, applies vacuum cleaner. After seen cleanness, neatens also its(the cable. Cable which semrawut causes draught in casing is not fluent. Because sirlkulation is not fluent, component in it would temperature easy to. Worryed of by abundant temperature, component would quickly aus/rusak.

Therefore, often pays attention to component PC you, 2 or 3 month of once, that PC you remain to durabel. durabel PC, money also can be economized.
disable autorun
Sometimes when we enter Flasdisk or CD, directly emerges autorun, problem might not if that is its(the Flasdisk/CD ga da virus, but if simply there are virus, later computer we are infected its(the virusn. better non activating just of system autorun in our computer !!

by the way of kills permanently passed regedit :
1. Click Start-Run and types regedit.
2. Browse to address registry following
3. Then right click at string NoDriveTypeAutoRun.
4. Contents Of Value data with ff is meaning function of Autorun will be killed.
5. Click OK.
6. Exit and restarts you computer.
Or by the way of compress SHIFT 60 seconds when input Flasdisk/CD.
overcomes problem at data in your harddisk ( Windows File/Data Recovery)
You are possible have ever experienced the thing under this :

* delete important file not intentionally.

* you has many name of letter drive and not intentionally eliminates data by doing format at a drive letter even vanishs partition harddisk and your data loses

* Or you prefer to install all new harddisk and which have been obsolete in a computer. Lets looked to be has sophisticated computer with many harddisk.

* Virus does disposal of data is including important data.

* your Harddisk experiences mulfunction, this thing can happened if(when storage in media has too full and harddisk experiences crash.

We are case case debate very konyol is done [by] consumer computer

delete file is not intentionally: There is clever sepandai aphorism word of squirrel jumps, at one time will surely fall. They ordinary of so-so mengunakan computer, very rare does this mistake. Because more opting of liver liver places file at harddisk and keeps away knob Delete. But this case instead happened when a real skilled someone of mengunakan computer. Sometimes instead kills commemoration at system Windows because assumed [by] menganggu. Its(the comment, why having to be given warning if we like to mendelete file or directory, inikan a routine work. Usually consumer computer which expert has does setup Windows with kills the thing assumed not necessarily. At one time, simply important file in a directory is vanished not intentionally without initial memorial

Format harddisk is not intentionally : This case actually seldom happened for they compiling important data at a harddisk. They experienced have been will place a data at a harddisk with drive certain letter. For example placing important data at first harddisk or second. When doing format, hence at heart have been planted of habit to reexamine and ascertains drive letter which will be format is not drive letter or harddisk is comprising important data. This mistake often happened because lowering of concentration of someone when seeing name of drive letter and partition at a computer which will be vanished or changed . Or most commonly and konyol is cursor mouse is shifted to partition that is is not wish to format. Unconvinced, its(the reality is rain or shine like this happened with format drive letter which wrong. Enunciated system like Windows XP hardly facilitates does format harddisk

Eliminates partition is not intentionally : At system Windows XP hardly facilitates someone to do format or makes partition. While for system Windows 98, partition must be made with system DOS. Unhappily, basic thing to make partition at system Windows XP sometimes unable to be comprehended. And not intentionally you does disposal at partition harddisk is comprising important data. While system Windows 98, case of partition loses because consumer computer to forget removes option choice harddisk. Particularly if mengunakan 2 harddisk with the same capacities and division very often happened.

Places data at harddisk obsolescence : Has 3-4 harddisk in a possible computer looked to be keren. There is ugly habit for consumer computer to exploit harddisk obsolescence. But we must know that harddisk has expecting usage. Places important data at harddisk obsolescence is not wise thing. Better does backing up or at least places data at 2 harddisk differs in do duplicate. Its(the reality a lot is heedless age from usage harddisk. When old harddisk started behaves as happened kerusakana physical of like bad sector or sudden harddisk haves no in access then is realized there are still lag important data in.

For beginner better recognize meaning of Fisik Drive, Partition and Drive/Logical drive letter :

Under this simple base to recognize a drive storage
Physical of drive: Interpreted is form of storage. Its form public is harddisk, other form cans be in the form of Flash drive, CD/DVD-ROM with media CD/DVD or floppy drive and other. Physical of drive is form of physical of a drive depositor media. In drive later is divided to become some partitions to form name of drive or known as drive letter
Partition or Partition : Interpreted division of a storage to divide or cuts capacities a depositor media or storage becomes suitable smaller part of requirement. Division of storage or space or contents of capacities harddisk can be interpreted as partition. For example harddisk 100 GB can be broken to become 2 with division of 50GB and 50GB. But there are rule at formation of partition especially harddisk. Division is determined with Primary and Extended partition.

First harddisk at computer or harddisk is comprising booting system will be given name of Primary Partition or main partition. In Primary partition only had 1 drive letter, that is drive C.

divisible first Harddisk and given name of Extended Partition. For example you has harddisk 250GB and divides 2 partition 20GB Primary and 230GB Secondary. Hence first 20GB will become drive C. While divisible 230GB again with a few name of drive letter which you requires is including capacities from masing masing drive letter. Process division of Extended Partition is final with giving of Logical drive. For example you divides partition Extended to become 5 drive letter ( D-E-F-G-H) again with masing masing capacities 50GB, drive letter firstly has letter D and second becomes drive E and so.

If(when you has 2 harddisk, harddisk firstly must have rule of like upper and minimized has primary partition. While Extended Partition only be required if(when you need to divide first harddisk, second and so on makes some drive other letter. If(when no, hence first harddisk would remain to comprises Primary Partition with 1 drive just letter that is C. Drive C with Primary Partition will comprise boot system at an operating system.

For divisible second harddisk without Primary Partition and earns for direct with Extented Partition. Way of division of same as dividing capacities from way of first harddisk but to form Extended Partition must have first harddisk with contents of Primary Partition. second Harddisk and so on doesn't require Primary Partition if(when you doesn't require second harddisk and so on also can do boot at a computer.

under this is picture from structure division of a storage with form of media harddisk. For example physical of harddisk applied is having capacities 250GB :

Primary Partition, Drive C, comprises 20GB ( 1953GB)
Extended Partition, Drive D - E - F and so on is divided based on requirement.

Does recover data in harddisk ( storage)

Before only company software makes software recovery harddisk. Losing of data from a harddisk is a nightmare

But present is some software capable to do return of data at a harddisk. If(when you are not intentionally eliminates you data, its(the example partition at harddisk, logical drive vanished or harddisk is not intentionally is vanished. Draws up step of step of like under this

* Best way is applying for 2 harddisk. Harddisk experiencing damage, or loses data applied as second harddisk. While harddisk firstly applied as system recovery and does backing up losing data.

* If(when you has 1 fruit of harddisk to comprise system boot with 1 partition with Primary Partition. Best step mengunakan the harddisk not to do recover. Applies other harddisk to do recover with installing software recovery data. This effort to prevent you data are vanished in permanent.

* If(when you has some drive letter for example C,D,E. You mengunakan harddisk can to do recovery data. With a note menginstall writing activity doesn't at drive letter is containing important data and has been vanished not intentionally. For example, Your data stays in drive letter E. Hence you mengunakan Drive letter E may not menginstall any program to. Program recovery data can be placed at drive other letter for example in D and C.

* If(when not intentionally you vanishs partition harddisk you. You mengunakan the harddisk may not to do install any software. Applies other harddisk to look for you data in harddisk vanished.

* Even if your harddisk loss of informations has or harddisk you starts experiences trouble like bad sector. System recovery data can do return of you data. So long as harddisk admits of recognized by harddisk assistant to do recovery

* Software recovery data only did return of you data vanished not intentionally. But doesn't return form of partition of you like initialy.

Undelete file / returns file is vanished [by]

Undelete file or returns file vanished not too difficult. Many software utiliti by adding fitur undelete file.

For Example Tune-Up figures in fitur to look for file or directory vanished at a drive letter. Or and Recover4All ably special to do seeking of file which del. Software utility can look for file name which has been vanished, and chooses is condition of file vanished that there are still either or intact. Software undelete file requires input from consumer to return its(the original file name. Because at system WIndows, file vanished will be vanished most character front. For example file anggaranxls admits of found by the name ? nggaranxls. And initial character must be input in manual.

Returns data at Partisi or drive letter vanished

We try 2 fruit of reliable software to do recovery data. Both software under this can take data from a storage which has losed until level of logical drive or drive letter and also information at partition. Mean, a harddisk which have been assumed not to have partition ( blank) again simply admited of searched rest of data from the file in harddisk.

Second ability of program under this is :
* Pickaback FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS
* Recover file vanished is including folder
* Mengembalian file losing from delete of partition even format with system quickly / QUICK.
* Returns data from storage which haves no in access again or the happening of corruption file with seeking sector
* Pickaback multi format disk like IDE until SCSI
* Works For System Windows 95 - XP and 2003 for Stellar

Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Software
Getdataback for NTFS or FAT

Both software can take good data of partition and drive letter which you has vanished. Even software recovery data will try looks for you data although harddisk or storage media experiences handicap physical of for example bad sector.

Losing of good data is vanished not intentionally at drive letter, directory and partition storage was not a nightmare again. With software Recovery Data, hence your data admits of returned although there is risk is not entirely can protected. If(when you experiences this case, as soon as possible you kills computer and discharges harddisk you to do recovery. And inadvisable does recovery data at the same harddisk except you recognizes is correct does you do. Recognizes mode of action harddisk, and media storage like partition type, drive letter hardly is suggested to prevent deeper damage.

source: Obengware


economize notebook batere

Hereunder is ten tips is earning you to apply to economize usage of energy at pc and laptop.

1. Arranges illumination and monitor contrast
Possibly for man who is civil or beginner in using computer, they is very rare pays attention to arrangement of their monitor. What intended in this case is level of illumination and contrast arranged too height will be able to finish many energies. Hence for the purpose you should be able to arrange the illumination and contrast, to arrange the illumination and monitor contrast applies knob which below monitor.

2. off monitor
Tips which ke-dua is with off monitor, especially monitor which its(the type is type CRT ( Cathode Ray Tubel), because the type monitor more consuming electric power. So, if you wish to leave PC during old, better off you monitor.
You also menyetting Windows can that automatically direct died in a few certain time, that can be done by the way, click “ Control Panel-Options”. In “ Power Options Properties” tab click “ Power Schemes”. Then clicked arrow sign in part “ Power Schemes” then selected “ Home/Office desk”. Then selected time wanted at “ Turn Off Monitor” and click “ Apply” and “ OK”.

3. off Hard disk
Though we are not in pursuance of anything at our computer, but your data would always read from hard disk ( by operating system and some applications). Because this reason, hard disk hard disk would continuously always rotary and of course this will finish energy. If you wish to leave PC you during old, hence better kill hard disk PC you. At “ Power Options Properties” then clicked tab “ Power Schmes”. Arrow sign click in part “ Power Schemes” and select;chooses “ Home/Off desk”. Then click “ Turn hard disk OFF” and selected its(the time. Then clicked “ Apply” and “ Ok”.

4. Kills other equipments
off other equipments like, speaker, external modem, scanner, Zip drive and printer. Because the equipments hardly finishs many energies. Often people leaves the equipments in a state of active, even when we are going out during old.

5. Mode Hibernate
This hibernate mode is facility to do shut down, but didn't close or kills application we are opening the. This thing can be done by the way of Mode “ Hibernate”. With this mode, contents of main memory ( LOUVRE) would be on file in hard disk. Way of doing mode hibernate is as follows, at “ Power Options” tab click “ Hibernate”. Then clicked near box “ Enable Hibernation”. Click also at tab “ Advanced”. In part “ When I Press the power button” then clicked its(the arrow sign is then click “ Hibernate”. Click “ Apply” and “ Ok”. Then depressed knob “ Power” at your computer. Mode hibernate have been functioning, knob compress “ Power” again, your computer will blaze and would automatically opens application which you had opened the.

6. Mode Standby
That can be economize energy, be better if arrangement of monitor and hard disk resides in lowest part at mode standby. If you wish to leave PC just, better activate mode standby. But which you must know is, when active standby mode of data which you had not kept earns is damaged or lossed if PC you experiences damage. Better keep former of your data or document before you activates this standby mode. Mode standby can be done by the way, click “ Start-Turn OFF computer” then clicked “ Stanby”.

7. Applies UPS
Applies always equipment UPS, because this equipment can assist saving of data or shut down when happened electrical death. To arrange equipments of UPS and the equipment configuraton “ Power Option Properties” then selected tab UPS. Part of status in tab UPS presents estimate of number of minutes which can be supported UPS to PC you. Actually many configuraton ways UPS to, but this thing depended from model and capacities UPS applied.

8. Laptop Battery
If you are men-charge laptop battery, ascertains its(the charge process is completed. Because process charge done by halfs then is continued again, that instead will finish many energies. If you wish to go, better bring always battery tambaha. To economize battery usage. You can exploit feature Hibernate/Suspended or applies electrics socket interfaced to by stopkontak.

9. Port USB
If when you are menggunaka laptop and your that moment enters one of to USB port in laptop, better if it is completed directly is discharged only. Because equipments which tertancap still in USB port, that also can fag out at PC or your laptop. Better discharge the equipment if(when its(the pemakain is felt have been enough.

10. Usage Scheme of Laptop Energy
Usually laptop producers also figures in feature and software power management. this very very useful Software to all laptop consumer, because this software can arrange usage of battery and electricity is being applied. In this software there are some choice which applicable to know other hard disk burden and energy is being applied by laptop. Among others knows speed of prosessor or illumination of correct monitor to be able to economize battery. this Software at the same time can become supervisor for us in using laptop.


Deactivates file thumbs.db

Windows Explorer at operating system windows XP can present file with format thumbnail. Here all file referred presented in utuhsehingga if the file having format picture ( jpg, bmp, gif), hence windows explorer will present it is fully in the form of small picture. This thing very useful. You earns direct to see it without opening former of graph program. But is returned that is of all actually windows makes one files when you applies format thumbnail. That is file thumbsdb. this file is chace memory from file opened in windows explorer. if you didn't wish the file, you can throw away it.
To remove the file from windows explorer, enters to menu tool folder click option. After window at open option folder addressed at tab view. The tab click. In box advanced setting you traces the option-option. Finds option does is note chace thumbnails. Says the word centang at its(the stuffing box, with clicking it is once. Click ok to agree it is at the same time option folder window close. Now admission kemenu start program open search file searching thumb at all hardisk. If you finds it, you can soon vanishs it, because your had didn't require the file again.