smart way chooses computer / notebook

Lately newspapers is inundated [by] advertisement of sale of cheap laptop. From laptop kings like Toshiba, IBM alias Lenovo, HP, Acer, until the new comers like ECS, A Note, and Benq, all tides advertensi. With money Rp 5 millions, whose also can bring laptop return keren and style.
From floging brand and laptop type which the dispersion about which suited for you?
Following some of factors that need to be considered in choosing laptop. This result of mind dummy for dummies, hehehe … Who knows useful.

1. Delimitates price range
According to the financial consultants is better if we buy based on KEBUTUHAN is not KEINGINAN is not also GENGSI. ( prestige aja oppositely not may)

2. The application of is often used:
* If only create ngetik, makes presentation powerpoint, excel, internet, once in a while photoshop class Intel Celeron or AMD Sempron also have been enough. Even many have been equiped access Wifi. Unnecessary bought laptop dg processor Centrino expensive yg. Celeron/sempron also strong made Photosop-an, Corel Draw, even also QuarkExpress ( design utk makes newspaper like the one is used Koran Tempo)–sudah is test in house. If will more energetically dg cheap laptop, upgrade x'self memory or RAM out of 256 MB –> 512 MB. Because Windows XP like Linux if it is attached in memory computer 256 MB of course less greng

* If create yg liked ngoprek computer program, graphic design that is weight, of course easier pake upper class processor like Core 2, AMD TURION. Centrino or ordinary Core Solo also actually also have been fair to middling of lah.

* And remembers Core Duo processor laptops the existing also running cannot 100 % like the one is wanted its(the producer. Because, processor Core 2 claims new software which suited “ its(the brain”. And present of software sedikiiiiit still once. Windows Vista Has just no sense ( that also dilaunch has just). So, speed aspect expected from laptop job(activity Core this 2 yes..

3. How your mobile
* Increasingly mobile select;chooses light and small. Average of wt. laptop 2,3-2,5 kgs.

* Increasingly mobile select;chooses durable battery. Average of laptop sih its(the battery 2,5 - 3 hour(clock. Which ultra low voltage like output Fujitsu, Sony Vaio, Toshiba Portege can 4-7 hours.

* For consumer which is not high frequent flyer battery class yg 2,5-3 hours also have been enough.

4. screen/sail
* Is liking is small of course select;chooses [screen/sail] 8, 10, 11 or 12 inchi, but small this usually costlier

* Which is medium sih 13 or 14 inchi. Which 15 inchi usually cheaper again. Wishs wide but pingin not looked to be gede select;chooses which wide screen. [screen/sail] 13 wide fair to middling sreen, non undersize or gede.

* Is making design yes delicious his(its 17 inchi

5. That need to be remembered also laptop which we have bought that tends to the price free fall.
In 2 year laptop ex- that can go down the price 2-4 million. So if buys is expensive considered also decrease of batty yg value.

If me sih prefer to buy laptop which do not too sophisticated remembers anyway the price 2-4 years drop would all hollow and sells again the non easy laptop. Select;chooses medium technology, with possible middle price one of alternative that is properly is considered because of under developed technology side do not very, from the price of also is not nguras sack;bag.

6. reputation of Brand
* IBM ( now Lenovo) — rigid design ( rather sweet just last type like Z61), but strong and bandel, keyboard measure very snugly on-hand

* Acer — brand taiwan beloved design, its(the claim sih first one in Europe the year 2006

* Toshiba — have ever been through years thus laptop no 1 in world and in Indonesia, fair to middling of bandel

* ECS — brand Taiwan , he/she said ok

* Dell – keren for type which Inspiron

* Sony Vaio — design that is type TX keren once, small and imut-imut. Darling in price still in 18-20 million.

* Hp/compaq — I have never liked its(the design

* Fujitsu — type the so small keren

* Powerbook — cool and different, thin, but heavy and non compatible for pengoprek computer because its(the operating system Macintosh.

Other factor of sih only aksesoris like koneksi bluetooth, infrared, peacemaker with fingerprint, card reader SD. Altogether it is possible that minor consideration.

Yes, this idea of hunter and secondhand laptop devotee.