Deactivates file thumbs.db

Windows Explorer at operating system windows XP can present file with format thumbnail. Here all file referred presented in utuhsehingga if the file having format picture ( jpg, bmp, gif), hence windows explorer will present it is fully in the form of small picture. This thing very useful. You earns direct to see it without opening former of graph program. But is returned that is of all actually windows makes one files when you applies format thumbnail. That is file thumbsdb. this file is chace memory from file opened in windows explorer. if you didn't wish the file, you can throw away it.
To remove the file from windows explorer, enters to menu tool folder click option. After window at open option folder addressed at tab view. The tab click. In box advanced setting you traces the option-option. Finds option does is note chace thumbnails. Says the word centang at its(the stuffing box, with clicking it is once. Click ok to agree it is at the same time option folder window close. Now admission kemenu start program open search file searching thumb at all hardisk. If you finds it, you can soon vanishs it, because your had didn't require the file again.