tips makes healthy eye

Various Practices

Eye Create For Computer Consumer
Now, almost no work that is is not is finalized by using computer. Works with computer, often generates various sighs at eye. But unnecessary worried, following elaborated [by] some alternative of practices for eye!

Eye gymnastic
Dr Harish S Belvi, eye specialist medical doctor in Mumbai, explains that routine office hours must be interspersed with rest time. When resting Dr. Harish suggests a way to exercise is small and easy: Firstly, winks several times. Whilst eye is closed, eyeball rotary
either concurrent and also anticlockwise in rotation and breathes in. Slowly, eye open discharging breath. Does this practice for minutes and repeats at least thrice before you returns to working. Practice that is nicely your eye create!

• Sees is far
When working for duration of stripper, sees an object afar, either in and also outside office. Sees too far and then returns at work to assist eye to focus better. Tries does this thing during five to ten minutes every hour(clock.

• Palming
Sits straight in your chair and rubs second splits your palm so felt warmness. Then pastes up palm at eye and rileks during 60 seconds. Its(the warmness your palm assists makes calm and makes rileks tired eye. Repeated this practice two or thrice if eye felt fatigue, or often which you will.

• Cipratan water in the face of
When rest cipratkan water to face, whereas closing eyes you. This thing generates relaxation effect and assists you are fresh returned.

• Walks along
After completed lunch, takes the air a few outside offices for minutes. This will give enough rest to your eye as well as getting fresh air.

• Applies tea bag
Departs from two teaex- bag in cooler cupboard;locker before going works. When until returning to house, push tea bag in your eye for minutes relaxing. This is not only makes calm tired eye, but also eliminates lebam.

• Drinks white water
Drinks is juicy whiteness, assists eliminates fatigue. When dehydration, especially in room ber-AC, body starts menyimpan water as a form of x'self defence. This thing adds kelebaman around eye.

• Eats is healthy
Eats food containing vitamin A,C, and E every day; eats fruit of berasa acid, green vegetables, tomato, spinach, chicken flesh and milk. Where necessary wrapped carrot cutting, cucumber and fruit of freshs for dikudap outside mealtime in office.