healthy way applies computer

Accomodates equipments of job(activity every will engage in, so that fatigue & deductible wounded, like:

* Accomodates chair height according to body height
* situation of Monitor top margin there is in 1 straight line with eye causing head no upturned and or bows when seeing to monitor
* Monitor distance with eye there is in aparting reads ( around 50cm) so that body no need to bow each time sees to monitor
* Arranges ‘ refresh rate ' monitor equal to 72Hz or more so that eye is not quickly tired
* All back is supported carefully by soft chair arm rest
* Applies foot/feet palm arm rest ( footrest) so that position of tungkai in a state of rileks.
* Brachium & under forming corner 90 degrees when etic
* Both palm jetties bertumpu/bersandar at desk, doesn't hang
* Applies chair with penyangga/sandaran forearm
* To can read comfortably, arranges setting contrast & strength of light from monitor, not too light causing bedazzles eye & fullfilling contrast so article in monitoring is easy to read
* Avoids existence of acurate light rear or in front of monitor
* Ascertains lighting in room to fullfill to read buku/tulisan is printed
* Applies & arranges correctly headphone & mike ( headset) what provided to earn hears clearly & talks without need to scream
* Avoids position to sit is the same during old, various some positions sits balmy
* To support optimal job(activity & prevents hit [by] health trouble, suggested
* Rest during 5 minute every working during 1 hour(clock, this rest cannot be merged.

Applies this brief breathing space to run, does athletic movements light, or takes beverage

* Longer breathing space ( 15-30 minutes) every 4 hour(clock works, applies for rileks/beristirahat & eats
* To lessen eye fatigue, sees out window ( view) or object which its(the situation is far every 10-15 minutes once
* Ascertains enough drinks to prevents dehydration. Requirement of dilution suggested for they working in room ber-AC is around 50-60cc/kgBB/hari. Its(the example if body weight 50kg, hence [at] least must drink around 2500cc/hari
* Doesn't arrest;detain urine to prevent infection of channel kemih or the forming of stone in ureter
* Accomodates job(activity room temperature, not too cool or too temperature. Temperature which too temperature will make quickly fatigue & emotion increases, while temperature which too cool will make muscle to become rigid & easier to be hit wounded. Temperature suggested it is around 24-25 degree Celciuses
* If it is enabled, music rotary in volume which slow to avoid saturation & damps emotion
* Sleep in number which is enough, around 6-8 jam/hari
* Eats nutritious food of complete, varies, & balance, also enough fibres
* Eats weight 1-2 hours before engaging in so that there are enough energies to work without bothered sleepy or hungry taste
* Having athletic regularly 2-3 times every week
* Soon takes counsel with medical doctor each time feels there are indocation in body below par causing earns quickly is cured.

By doing above things, hopefully health trouble as result of working with deductible computer & produktivitas/efisiensi job(activity increases.