Cleans body laptop

Cleans body laptop :

* before using cotton, cleaned is former with kemoceng which smooth of because if same direct of mop feared it there are dirt or sand yg patchs laptop body palladium if it is mop will incise laptop body.

* applies mop yg very smooth, or applies cotton.

* applies dilution of computer cleaner which bnyk is sold in book shops and computer

* otherwise had special cleaner, applies sampho which mix of water. Earns jg is applied [by] saucer cleaner soap ( ex : mamma lime, .....) mingled dgn water. Earns also applies eucalyptus oil. Earns jg to apply alcohol.

* dilution doesn't directly is poured to laptop body tp through cotton beforehand.

* rubs and direct drying with cotton other.

* If chafed laptop paint earned jg is applied [by] vehicle paint cleaner but in a real portion a few.

hopefully useful