Tips Makes Lip Seems To Be Be sexy

Has section lip of basin Angelina Jolie of course thus dream many womens. If Angelina Jolie had section lip have been from ' sono ' his(its, we also can have sexy lip meagrely business. Following tips to make lip seems to be section.

1. Dabs labial moisturizer before lipstick stomachache. This will make your damp lip and makes it seen full.

2. Applies colour pencil natural to make your lip boundary line. After completed contents of overall of your lip interior with colour which you desires.

3. To add your lip measure applies lipstick glossy or gleaming. Dabs gloss or lipstick to gleam that with labial paintbrush and select;chooses colour matching with skin and clothes which you wears.

4. To prevent belepotan at its(the periphery, taburi part of your lip periphery with transparent powder.

So, You can try this tips to get sexy lip and captures. Safe tries!

source : sekawan cosmetik