Assuages Stress To start from Hand

You can do manicure x'self in house by the way of simple without releasing many costs. Besides lengthening hand, you also able to assuage stress. There are some way which you able to do that can get two the benefits.

* First stage is prendaman. Prepares a bowl which have been filled with warmness water. Then gave some lavender oil drips or chamomile.

* Your hand soaking into bowls and pejamkan of eye merilekskan to thought of you. Takes a deep breath to increase calmness. After 2 or 3 your minute can issu of challenge and dries with face towel or waslap.

* The next is eksifoliasidari natural material. Its way is with mingling 4 sand sugar tablespoon with 1 olive tablespoon. Rubs in slow at tanga which is dry then you dried with face towel or waslap. Benefit from sugar is slough dry skin whereas oil can refine and softens hand.

* Last is soothing. Than only dabs moisturizer to hand, it is better you tries also menaklukan stress. Its way is after dabbing lotion for hand, small circle picture with thumb at palm and always rides on finite to tip of every finger. Menstimulir point of this compress with finger will increase blood stream later on will assuage stress. Safe Tried.