Tools and tips for editing your images in Photoshop.

If you open a file and can't make any edits, you may need to unlock your background layer. You can do this by double clicking the layer in the layer palette.

Always create a new document if you are making changes. That way if you ever want to start over again, you have an original to go back to.

Cropping an image:
Use the Marquee tool: Very Top left tool in the tool bar.
Click and drag to make your selection. Copy and paste into a new document.

To rotate or scale an image:
Go to the Edit menu at the top. Choose Transform and select either scale or rotate. You can grab the corners of the image to rotate and scale the image.

To make color corrections:
Go to the Image menu at the top. Choose Adjustments, under this menu you can choose to adjust the Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance and Hue/Saturation. Using these options you can make adjustments until you're happy with the overall color.

These are just a few helpful suggestions. If you need more Photoshop help, use the Help tools in the Help window, or take an online tutorial at the Adobe website.


20 Photoshop Tips

1. Shift Key for Accuracy-When you want to keep things straight or constant, use the
Shift key. Hold Shift when drawing a line will keep it straight. Rectangles and ellipses will stay square or round. In transform, it will keep the aspect ratio. Use while dropping one image onto another and it will center.

2. Fix Blow Outs-Ensure your blown highlights don’t print paper white by reducing the output in Levels adjustment to 245 from 255.

3. Fade a Fix-If you want slightly less of your last action, go to Edit>Fade to reduce the amount without using an opacity change.

4. Cool Double Exposure-drag one image on top of another and change the blending
mode to Screen. To darken, try Multiply.

5. Pick a color from anywhere-Click on the foreground color to bring up the color picker. Then click anywhere on the picture to pic that color. Pick from anywhere on the screen by holding down the mouse button and moving the picker around. The new color will change on release.

6. Resize Smart-Use resampling choices; Bicubic Smoother for enlargements, Bicubic Sharper for reductions, Nearest Neighbor for Hard edged shapes.

7. Combine Layers-Don’t want to flatten? Highlight the top layer, select all, then Control Shift C to copy, then Control Shift V to make a new layer with all the layers merged.

8. See the Whole Image-Tab to hide panels, then Control 0 to enlarge. Double clicking the hand tool will do the same. For a black border click F several times.

9. Contrasty Images-Use the shadow/highlight tool to adjust the tones.

10. Selective Color – Make a B&W adjustment layer, click on the mask, paint with black to reveal the color beneath.

11. Quick Change Brushes (CS4)- Hold down ALT and hold right click and push or pull mouse to size your brush. Shift-ALT and hold right click to change hardness.

12. Better Contrast-Using curves to fix contrast, set blend mod to luminosity to avoid color and saturation shifts.

13. Soft Skin-On a duplicate layer, Filter>Other>Highpass radius 5. Image>Adjustments>desaturate – blend mode Softlight. This will sharpen the image, now choose Image>Adjustments>Invert for a wonderful softness. Control with a layer mask.

14. Repair Right-Before cloning make a new layer. From the pulldown menu in the options bar pick Sample>Current and Below or Sample all. Your cloning will be on this hovering layer.

15. Quick B&W- Hold Cntrl and type 1, 2, 3 to see the red green and blue channels. Like one best? Goto channel mixer and make it 100%, the others at 0, check monochrome.

16. Great Eyes-use the Lasso set slightly feathered to select the eyes. Ctrl J to copy them to a new layer. Use levels or curves and sharpen here, control with opacity.

17. Fix Color- Image>Adjustments>Variations find the best and correct using curves.

18. See your type-Ctrl H will hide your highlight on your text or hide marching ants.

19. Print Size (CS4)-Find the width of your screen in pixels divide by the width of your screen (Pixels/inch) Open Preferences>Units and Rulers and enter the value in the screen resolution field. Choose View>Print size to see your photo as it will print.

20. Best Zoom-Use Ctrl+Spacebar and draw a rectangle around your zoom area.


Heart-Healthy Tips From the American Heart Association’s

Choose To Move Program
As part of Choose To Move, women learn easy, heart-healthy substitutions they can make to their daily meals and snacks. These tips aren’t additional “to-dos”, making their lives even busier — they are suggested instead as healthy and even time-saving, convenient replacements. For example:

1) Start the day right. A healthy breakfast energizes the brain and body and helps jump start the day.
Consider heart-healthy choices such as whole-wheat toast with 100 percent fruit spread, portable fruit, a low-fat granola bar,100 percent fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, or one of the American Heart Association’s approved breakfast recipes enclosed in this Choose To Move SM media kit.

2) Eat smart snacks. Smart snacks pack a variety of nutrients in a tasty package, helping you make the most of the calories you consume. Try a one-ounce handful of almonds, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, calcium-rich frozen low-fat yogurt with fruit, or a homemade snack mix made with salt-free seasoning blend.

3) Include protein-rich, nutritionally dense plant-based foods in your meals. They’re not only satisfying and versatile, but they’re heart-healthy, too. For example, use roasted, ground almonds as a nutritious “breading” for seafood, poultry or lean pork, or as “breadcrumbs” on top of a casserole. Almonds are packed with vitamin E and magnesium and are a good source of protein and fiber. Also, research shows that eating a daily one-ounce serving of almonds in place of foods higher in saturated fat can lower cholesterol.

4) Make easy, heart-healthy substitutions in recipes. Good flavor is what makes food worth eating — but flavor doesn’t have to mean high levels of saturated fat. Here are healthy ways to enhance the flavor.
Use plant-based fats, such as olive oil and canola oil.
Try rich evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream.
Enjoy flavorful, low-sodium broths.
Add flavor with good-quality herbs and spices.
Use grated lemon zest (the yellow part of the peel) and grated fresh ginger.
Use salt-free seasoning blends rather than salt at the table and while cooking. Instead of salt, add salt-free seasoning blends to steamed green vegetables for a real taste lift. Or sprinkle chicken breasts generously with salt-free seasoning blends and grill for a simple, quick, delicious meal.

5) Have available some easy, heart-healthy recipes that are adaptable to whatever’s in the house. The
heart-healthy recipes in the Choose To Move SM media kit work in this way — several recipes give easy substitutions to make if a certain ingredient is not on hand.

6) Get moving early in the day. Physical activity, even moderate walking, improves fitness, enhances energy levels and promotes a positive state of mind. To get the most benefit during the day, exercise as early as you can, even on a lunch break. Avoid intense physical activity within three hours of bedtime, as it can make restful sleep difficult.

7) Tune in and tone up, rain or shine. Weather or darkness doesn’t have to limit physical activity. Women can set the example for the rest of the family by lacing up those walking shoes while catching up on the news or watching a favorite television program. Carrying filled water bottles or canned foods works arms and shoulders, while stepping or jogging in place for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Work up to at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. If needed, start with shorter sessions and add 5 minutes each week until you reach 30 minutes a day.

8) Be a lean, mean, younger-looking cleaning machine! Tackle cleaning projects while listening to lively music. Take a break and dance vigorously to a favorite tune! Squat and reach a little farther when mopping, dusting and sweeping to work different muscle groups. Increasing muscle mass helps weight control by increasing metabolism. As muscles get stronger by working against resistance, you will standstraighter and look taller and younger.

9) Save money with a little old-fashioned work! Forget those car keys — walk to a nearby store for milk or to the post office for stamps. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn or washing the car, instead of hiring help, will increase physical activity and save money.

10) The gift of a lifetime: a healthy heart. By becoming more physically active, women of all ages and physical activity levels can expect such sought-after “gifts” as increased energy, better health, reduced stress and depression, improved appearance, increased self-confidence and a greater sense of well-being.


Makes transparent background in photoshop CS2

1. you are file open which its(the background will be made transparent

2. you are selection background like picture hereunder :

3. you are open help – export transparent image

4. you select;chooses 3 coming up choice – “ I has selected the area to made transparent”

5. next – there emerges question “ what will this image is used for?” – select;chooses “ online”

6. select;chooses format “ PNG” for good result.

7. and save - finish

Hopefully useful


makes website from photoshop

makes website from photoshop

its(the video here you are, safe tries.

itsthe trick is hardly easy to

and this way of making its(the web in dreamweaver


Makes album web with photoshop for beginner

Makes album web with photoshop for beginner

1. open ur photoshop
2. click : file – automate – web photo gallery
3. arranges style which you to like
4. and contents of e-mail, that you e-mail address comes up in web
5. browse source image your photograph folder
6. browse folder destination
7. arranges its(the option according to your appetite
8. and extensions which you applies HTML can or HTM, because its(the language is same
9. then clicked OK
10. having

web your gallery photo have been available in folder directory which you has determined, hopefully useful.