tips to be protected from wormy

think didn't be wormy only can groan chlid. Adult also can be infiltrated worm. Prevents is better compared to curing. This also applies wormy create. Remembers so much helminthiasis impact, hence better do step of preventif following:

* Accustoms cleans hand. Each time works in dirty area, especially each time from toilet, cleans hand. Ascertains food and beverage free of contamination of faeces.

* Applies cleanness water. Especially water to cook.

* Cleans area regularly, ascertains there is no contamination of dirt from toilet down our way.

* Ascertains lalapan cleanness. For food devotee lalapan or raw vegetable, rinses the vegetable with lotic water. That be cockier free of germ and dirt, dyes the vegetable into water boils a few seconds.

* Healthy and clean latrine. Pays attention to supporting facilities to clean, bath and water closet. Does have been up to standard health or has not.

Now depends on to us, is wish to live susceptible or healthy is infiltrated [by] brighter worm. Starts healthy life and clear of ownself. Not merely from food, but also everyday environment.